The Cipher-Integrity is a software utility for checking the integrity of configuration and executable files out. It uses a certified library of cryptographic transformations "Cipher +" v 2.1.
It performs the following actions:
1. The key pair generation (algorithm DSTU 4145-2002, the degree of base field extension  257 bits).
2. The formation of the list of integrity:
  • For a given file list, the hash sum of each file is calculated.
  • The calculated list is signed by a previously generated private key.
3. Checking for the integrity list:
  • The signature under the integrity list is checked by the previously formed public key.
  • It calculates the hash sums for files in the list and compares them with the generated standard.
Windows and Linux operation systems are supported.
The Cipher-Integrity supports the following algorithms of hash functions:
  • GOST 34.311-95. 
  • DSTU 7564:2014 (operation mode: «Kupyna-256», «Kupyna-384», «Kupyna-512»).
  • SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, SHA-1​.
The utility has a console interface. Successful inspections are determined by the return instructions.